The tabX Tablet Holder works great with the Apple iPad, Apple iPad Mini, Microsoft Surface including the Surface 3 Pro, Samsung Galaxy, Amazon Kindle, B&N Nook, and most tablets/e-readers from Sony, Asus, Lenovo, Google, Acer, Toshiba, Dell, and more! Designed for tablets measuring diagonally up to 14.25″ (362mm) and .375″ (9.5mm) deep. Order the optional Deep V-Tabs for tablets with skins/cases up to .75″ deep. A great solution for holding your tablet on a desk, table, tray, wheelchair, counter, bed, and more. Depending on your application, we recommend two arm configurations to hold up a device that weighs between 1-2 lbs. Single arm designs are popular because of the minimal space it takes up but keep the arm short and vertical so that it can safely hold your device.

Note for iPad 12.9 Pro users: The iPad 12.9 Pro fits in the tabX holder…YAY!… but just barely. The iPad Pro cannot have a case or skin – not enough room. And since it barely fits, you will need to loosen and remove one of the v-tabs – insert the tablet – and re-install the v-tab. It’s pretty easy to install but we thought you should know.

General Product Information:
• Tablet holders are adjustable to fit tablets and other devices measuring diagonally up to 14.25″ (362mm) and .375″ (9.5mm) deep. Order the optional Deep V-Tabs for tablets with skins/cases up to .75″ deep.
• Arms are modular hose 3/4″ID system.
• Spring clamps open to two inches (51 mm) wide.
• Designed for tablets and devices weighing up to two pounds (.9 kg)
• Tablets with weighted bases can tip over – use caution.
• Just a reminder – it’s part of the system, so you can pop apart every piece and customize it to your hearts content.

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A simple yet elegant solution allows you to quickly clamp and easily position a tablet where you need it. Assembled and ready for use.

110711 – Tablet Holder Solution with 8″ arm and spring clamp
110721 – Tablet Holder Solution with 14″ arm and spring clamp (pictured)


This two arm kit is great for wheelchairs, tables, and set-ups requiring frequent re-positioning. The two arm setup also provides increased strength and support for more horizontal configurations. Assembled and ready for use.

117161 – Tablet Holder Solution with two 18″ arms and two spring clamps



A great solution for using your tablet at a desk, table, counter, floor, or on a tray; almost any flat surface will do. Allows the tablet to be raised and prevents neck and back strain from looking down. Weighted base is 2.2 lbs and measures 12″ x 6″. Ships assembled and ready for use.

190711 – Desktop Tablet Solution with 8″ arm (pictured)
190721 – Desktop Tablet Solution with 14″ arm


This tablet holder with a smaller base is ideal for tablets that will mainly remain stationary on a desk or table. Weighted base is .9 lbs and measures 7″ x 3.75″. Assembled and ready for use.

180711 – Desktop Tablet Solution with compact base and 8″ arm


This solution is great for situations when there is no surface to attach to hold up your tablet. Whether lying on the sofa or sitting in a chair/wheelchair, the adjustable straps help hold it in place for hands free operation. Attach this tablet holder to your leg or get creative by attaching to sofa/chair arms, car seats, and more. Shown with optional deep v-tabs. Ships assembled and ready for use.

130701 – Tablet Solution with Plate/Straps



The tabX universal tablet holder is available separately if you already have some ModularHose pieces or need to update from a previous holder. Comes with 3/4″ID system mounting bead to attach to modular hose system.

570002 – tabX Tablet Holder


The deep v-tabs for the ModularHose tabX tablet holder is ideal for tablets and devices that are in a case or skin up to .75″ deep. Easy to replace standard tabX v-tabs with these extra deep ones.

570009 – tabX deep v-tabs pack of 2


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